Right at Home

The Right at Home content management system (CMS) posed a unique set of challenges. The CMS was built 5 years before I started at Right at Home, and in the intervening years, web design had significantly changed. Franchise owners expected a modern look on a platform that wasn’t built with the flexibility to allow much customization. This led to a lot of coaching franchisees on what was possible, the occasional inline styling and rare hacking round the CMS to extend it beyond its original capability to deliver the experience consumers and franchisees expected. Below are a few web pages and blog posts I created during my time at Right at Home.

[one-third-first]Awards Page for Right at Home Franchisee[/one-third-first]
[one-third]Informative Page on VA Benefits for Right at Home Franchisee[/one-third]
[one-third]Timely Post for Right at Home Franchisee[/one-third][clearfix]

[one-third-first]Localized Post for Franchisee Promoting a Local Program[/one-third-first]
[one-third]Program Page for a Franchisee Explaining a Certification Their Office Holds[/one-third]
[one-third]Timely Blog Post to my Midwest Franchisees[/one-third]