The Reframe Series: A Masterclass to Challenge the Status Quo

The Reframe Series: A Masterclass to Challenge the Status Quo

Are you stuck in the “that’s how we’ve always done it” mindset? Do you strive to unleash the latent potential in your organization, your team, and yourself? Welcome to The Reframe Series, an evidence-based masterclass specifically crafted for those who dare to challenge the status quo.

It's Time to Reframe

Traditional practices are well-respected, but what if there’s a more effective way forward? The Reframe Series is designed to encourage you to break free from the constraints of traditional methods and adopt tactics, techniques, and methods that have been researched and shown to deliver high ROI and positive results.

Focus Areas

Organizational Development

Learn to construct a resilient, agile organization that thrives amidst volatility and uncertainty.

Social Intelligence

Foster a culture of collaboration and trust with customers, stakeholders, team members, and employees.


Utilize the research-backed tools and techniques to gain greater control and manage your time and tasks more efficiently.

What Makes This Masterclass Unique

I bring a diverse and extensive background to this masterclass. My career spans politics to corporate marketing, from supporting franchises to operating my own businesses. Currently, I am an Associate Vice President for Operations & Concrete Supports at Nebraska Children and Families Foundation. I have taken what I have learned over the years and converted them into practical, impactful lessons for today’s professionals. 

Meet Your Guide: Zachary Nelson

With over two decades of experience in dynamic environments, Zach has mastered the art of building and nurturing organizations that are robust and adaptable. His career started in the highly volatile world of politics, where he honed his skills in relationship building, persuasion, and organizational management under demanding circumstances.

Taking his learnings to the corporate world, he was integral to the digital marketing efforts of international franchises and played a pivotal role in a major rejuvenation phase for a patient advocacy franchise system. As a consultant, he provided critical support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) during fast-growth periods and extended essential aid during a significant disaster recovery effort.

Today, as the Associate Vice President for Operations & Concrete Supports at Nebraska Children and Families Foundation, Zach is at the forefront of the foundation’s digital transformation, implementing processes designed to boost efficiency. His rich background and insights make him an ideal guide for your reframing journey.

Professional Headshot of Zachary Nelson

Are You Ready to Reframe?

The Reframe Series is more than a masterclass – it’s an opportunity to rethink, reassess, and revolutionize the way you approach your work. Embrace the new, challenge the old, and prepare to reframe your world.

About the Masterclass Time Commitment

The Reframe Series spans five weeks. Each week, we’ll convene for an engaging one-hour session. These sessions will be part lecture and part collaborative exploration. Outside of our weekly gatherings, expect to dedicate about 60 to 90 minutes to enrichment activities to dive deeper into concepts, apply learned strategies, and prepare for the upcoming session.

About the Masterclass Financial Commitment

Tuition for the Reframe Series masterclass is $750, with tuition rates increasing to $950 in 2024. To ensure an engaging and personalized experience, masterclass cohorts are between 8 and 15. Tuition includes a one-on-one coaching session.

Fall 2023 Cohort

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