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Frequently Asked

I work with a diverse clientele that spans across different industries and career stages. Whether you’re a small business owner, a mid-level manager, or even a solo entrepreneur, my services are designed to fit your unique needs. The common thread is a desire to navigate complex challenges efficiently and effectively.

My approach is bespoke, tailored to your individual circumstances and business objectives. What sets me apart is my diversity of experience—spanning over a decade in various roles—and my ability to connect seemingly unconnected dots in imaginative yet grounded ways. I don’t rely on ‘that’s how it’s always been done.’ Instead, my recommendations are rooted in best practices that are backed by hard data to ensure efficacy. With me, you’re not just getting solutions; you’re getting the right, data-driven solutions.

Yes, absolutely. Complex challenges are seldom solved in a single session, and I firmly believe the most effective outcomes are achieved through ongoing relationships. This allows me to deeply understand your challenges, your business environment, and to tailor solutions that are precisely calibrated to your needs. Flexibility is key—engagement terms can range from weekly check-ins to quarterly reviews, all without any long-term contracts or commitments. This way, we engage in a manner that’s most beneficial for you.

The initial consultation is a 15-minute Zoom call, and it’s complimentary. This call is a valuable opportunity for us to align our objectives, discuss your challenges, and assess how well we could work together. It’s the first step toward finding the right solutions for you, and it comes with zero obligation.

First and foremost, I take the time to deeply understand your specific business objectives. Unlike some consultants who may offer one-size-fits-all solutions, my approach is always tailored to your unique situation. I combine a wide-ranging diversity of experience with a strong reliance on data-backed best practices to offer creative and effective solutions. All recommendations are mapped to your broader business goals, ensuring that you get maximum ROI from your investment in consulting or coaching.

Two things really set me apart: diversity of experience and an unwavering focus on evidence-based best practices. My background spans multiple sectors and includes 14 years of political consulting, which gives me the ability to connect dots that might seem unrelated at first glance. I don’t believe in doing things ‘the way they’ve always been done,’ but rather focus on implementing strategies that are proven to deliver results. Coupled with a tailored, client-focused approach, this allows me to provide truly unique solutions that are deeply aligned with your specific needs and objectives.

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