This Blog is Changing

Since 2012, I’ve used my website to promote my skills and showcase my portfolio to prospective employers. With a full year of self-employment under my belt, I’m feeling pretty confident I can keep the self-employment thing going; so it’s time to update the website to better serve my needs.

I’ll still be blogging about SEO, digital marketing, content strategy, and more, but that content will now live on my company’s blog, Lantern Strategic (coming soon). On this site, I’m going to focus on what I’ve learned as an entrepreneur. A lot of the content is design to help my readers close the “information gap.” I’m also going to write a lot about leadership and managing teams.

If you’ve attended one of the events I’ve spoken at, caught me on a webinar, or follow me on social media, you know that I firmly believe the foundation of a successful content strategy is a good editorial mission statement combined with target personas.

The target personas for this blog are staying the same – in fact if you liked the content on here previously, you’re likely going to like what’s coming even more.

The editorial mission statement is evolving.

Old Editorial Mission Statement: cuts through the noise to help small business owners and entrepreneurs build a marketing strategy that works. Here, you will find useful information, advice, insights, and inspiration for creating and executing a successful marketing strategy.

New Editorial Mission Statement

Thanks for visiting, the place where leaders discovery new strategies to power organizational growth. Here, I’ll specifically focus achieving growth by discerning what are temporary fads from smart trends worthy of your replication in marketing, public relations, and management.

Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll keep coming back!