Penned on the Prairie

About the Project

Freelance writer Laura “Missy” Wigley was sick of competing against other writers on price and wanted to elevate her personal brand. She turned to WellSpring Marketing to help her accomplish her goals.


Online platforms, such as, Fiverr, and others have commoditized the writing market. Missy’s challenge was separating herself from the dime-a-dozen averaging writing crowd and showcasing her exceptional quality as a writer.

Our Solution

Our first step to helping Missy break out of the commodity writing space was to create a memorable brand for her networking and online presence. Next, we created a simple website to showcase her writing portfolio and provide an overview of her experience. We understood that most of her clients came from networking and referrals, so we built a website to focus on turning warm leads into clients.


Penned on the Prairie, Missy’s new brand has helped her stand out from the pack and charge a premium for her writing services. Her website gives her a digital home on the internet and has effectively converted prospects into clients.