Unpopular Opinion: Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription is Worth It

Here’s a (likely) unpopular opinion: I don’t mind the annual subscription charged by Adobe for their Creative Cloud Suite.

My Adobe Creative Cloud subscription just renewed for $641 and some change. Contrary to the opinion I hear from a number of creatives on YouTube, and reading online, the annual fee doesn’t annoy me all that much.

Here’s my reasoning: to obtain a Creative Suite license, it was about $1,300 – yes you owned the applications forever, but you missed out on feature additions. Typically, every two years, I found the feature additions to be significant enough to warrant purchasing the next Creative Suite update, so my post-college budget for Adobe creative products was roughly $1,300 every two years, or $650 annually. So at the end of the day, whether it was paying $641 annually or $1,300 every other year, the money leaving my pocket wasn’t all the different.

I’ve been a subscriber to Creative Cloud since 2014, and the price for the service hasn’t gone up in 5 years. It also seems that Adobe remains on a two-year cycle. The 2019 feature additions were lackluster, while I’m pretty excited about the new features that are expected to be coming in 2020.

Finally, I think as Adobe Sensei (Adobe’s AI) evolves, the annual updates to Creative Cloud applications will become more meaningful and help non-power users like me be more efficient and create better products for clients.

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