Unpopular Opinion: Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription is Worth It

Here’s a (likely) unpopular opinion: I don’t mind the annual subscription charged by Adobe for their Creative Cloud Suite. My Adobe Creative Cloud subscription just renewed for $641 and some change. Contrary to the opinion I hear from a number of creatives on YouTube, and reading online, the annual fee doesn’t annoy me all that … Read more

Making the Switch from Mac to Windows

My Mac Mini and I have had a good run, but this past April it was time for a change. The mid-2011 model just couldn’t keep up with the demands of Photoshop and running a local web dev environment put a ton of stress on the system’s resources. So, I headed to the Apple store … Read more

Motion Graphic Video

Motion Graphics Video | Zachary Nelson Portfolio

This project started out with a franchisee giving me several very short clips of b-roll and asking me to add them to their website and Facebook. A 6-second clip of a receptionist answering the phone isn’t going to catch any traction on Facebook. To accommodate the franchisee’s wish to have video, I went to VideoHive … Read more