Print Marketing Newsletter

To support the sales efforts of IKOR’s franchisees, I recently started converting IKOR’s digital newsletter to a printed version they can take with them on sales calls. The first edition, showcased below, was my first run at a magazine-style layout. The printed newsletter was created in InDesign and has several graphics I created in Adobe … Read more

B2B Email Marketing

B2B Email Marketing | Zachary Nelson

Since September 2016, I have written IKOR’s B2B marketing newsletter. The newsletter, Life Navigator, is at the heart of IKOR’s content marketing strategy. With input from corporate leadership and franchisees, I set the strategy, research and write the articles, post them to the blog and send the newsletter out to our list. Each monthly issue … Read more

Wind Energy Development in Nebraska White Paper

Wind Energy White Paper

[one-half-first]Senator Nelson’s Chief of Staff asked me to draft a white paper examining opportunities and obstacles of the development of wind energy in Nebraska. This 2010 white paper, examines the resource potential in Nebraska, evaluates federal and state-level incentives and makes policy recommendations to promote the further development of wind energy in the state. The white … Read more