Making Social Media Work for Your Small Business

Making Social Media Work for Your Small Business | Zachary Nelson

This isn’t going to be one of those posts that tells you to pull together a cross-functional team to determine how to write persona-specific high converting posts or espouses a complex social listening strategy so you can discern the most engaging content. This article is written for small business owners who do everything from accounting … Read more

Social Media Graphics

Social Media Graphics | Portfolio Item for Zachary Nelson

People like pictures. On social media, posts with graphics convert better and receive higher engagement rates. I’ve always enjoyed the collaborative process of working with small business owners to help them create graphics for social media. Below are a handful of social media graphics I’ve created over the years (or more accurately, ones I’ve remembered … Read more

Facebook Social Selling Breakout Session

Facebook Social Selling Presentation | Portfolio Item for Zachary Nelson

I was asked to give provide a break-out session at a marketing conference on using social media, specifically Facebook, to improve sales and marketing for small business owners. I have given this presentation several times since 2016, but it has mostly been folded into my larger Get Marketing F.I.T. bootcamp. The slides are embedded below … Read more

Motion Graphic Video

Motion Graphics Video | Zachary Nelson Portfolio

This project started out with a franchisee giving me several very short clips of b-roll and asking me to add them to their website and Facebook. A 6-second clip of a receptionist answering the phone isn’t going to catch any traction on Facebook. To accommodate the franchisee’s wish to have video, I went to VideoHive … Read more