AngularJS Signature Generator

To simplify the process of generating a brand standards compliant signature for franchisees and corporate staff, I created an email signature generator using AngularJS. The web app was so popular I was asked to create a second one for IKOR’s parent company, RiseMark. The web app is built in Angular 1 and includes a CSS3 … Read more

Don’t Get Tricked by a Slick Sales Website

Have you ever wondered how easy it is to set up a legitimate looking website? In this post, I’ll demonstrate how a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, along with a few hours, can be used to build a trustworthy looking website. I know many organizations evaluate the credibility of a digital vendor based on the looks … Read more

Campaign Landing Pages

Since starting at IKOR, I have worked closely with the franchise sales department to create campaign landing pages to support their sales efforts. Typically, the landing pages would support print advertisements in various periodicals. After building several pages, and having the analytics to support my position, I worked with the sales team to adjust their … Read more